Richard Howells & Associates Mastering the Challenge of Change


At Richard Howells & Associates, a management consulting company specializing in managing change, we help identify the key puzzle pieces, and fit them together to reveal a new picture and create fresh possibilities.

We love turning problems into opportunities … creating excitement … seeing people’s eyes light up as they envision a new future.

In brief, here’s our approach:

What Our
Clients Say

We’ve worked with executives, boards, internal consultants – here are a few examples of their feedback
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“Richard was able to facilitate the coming together of staff and board to refocus and to work towards a goal that produced a sustainable success.”
- Board chair
“Coaching discussions were simultaneously tactical, strategic, and transcendent.”
- Transit Industry Executive
“Your guidance brought me to a place of greater clarity and sharper perspectives.”
- Small Business Owner
“I value Richard’s incredible planning skills, ability to effectively engage high level executives and managers, and extraordinary talent in producing quality products and results.”
“Richard guided us in developing a long-term strategic vision that is fueling our transformation to high- quality learning for our students.”
- University President
“He brings experience, skill, a collaborative mindset, and integrity to all his relationships.”
- Colleague

Getting Started with
Quick Wins

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About Richard Howells
& Associates

Richard Howells & Associates, a management consulting company specializing in managing change, has been serving clients throughout the USA since 2000.  We have wide-ranging experience serving both public and private sector clients. Working at all levels – with boards of directors, executives, middle managers and frontline employees – we strengthen alignment so that everyone is moving in the same direction to achieve superior results. Read more …